Our creole rub is blended with all the unique, savory flavors of creole traditional recipes. No matter if you're in the mood for grilled vegetables or a hearty sirloin, our rub couples perfectly to raise the stakes on any meal. You'll love the feelings you get the first time you taste 8020's rub on just about anything. 

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about nate figaro


Nate was born and raised in Lafayette, Louisiana smack dab in the middle of Cajun country. Growing up in Lafayette in a Creole family meant when it came time for family gatherings there was no shortage of food. From Etouffees to Jambalaya and Pralines to Popcorn balls every dish was hand made. But what caught his eye...or better yet his nose. Was his grand fathers BBQ. Tucked away in the back of his grandparents house was a brick an martyr pit that his grand father had custom built inside the house. The smell and flavor of the meat coming off the pit was something of dreams! After moving to Tennessee  there was no shortage of BBQ! But He found it difficult to find BBQ that mirrored his grandfathers cooking. After getting a BBQ book for Christmas and thumbing through all the different recipes an regions of BBQ. After constantly talking about  BBQ with his girlfriend,Nate decided to come up with a style and flavor that represents Louisiana. Starting off on this BBQ escapade he experimented with different seasonings for rubs and sauces. After 6 months of trial and plenty of errors he finally came up with a rub that represented Creole culture and tasted pretty darn good to. So 8020 Creole BBQ rub was born. A mixture of  diverse spices and seasonings that represent the flavors of Louisiana BBQ. Let the good times roll!

“it's simple, it's art 
it's my passion.” 

- Nate Figaro -

Real grillers know there's an art to grilling that can't be explained. Our rub brings out the best parts of any meat to define the richness and heartiness that can only be found in good, soul based cooking. 




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